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 Most of the rotors that are thrown away can be saved and made as good as new with a Pro-Cut Rotor Matching System. Even in areas where rust is a challenge you'll find that most rotors can be machined and matched to the hub. Your customer gets a premium brake job without buying un-needed parts...and your shop makes higher profit on the job.  

Please note, sales and service are restricted to certain zip codes. Please include location in inquiry. 


  Dominator lift was born over 8 years ago. After spending nearly all of our early career with a well known global equipment manufacturer, as a technical sales and service manager. After a number of years we decided to start our own company, using the valuable experience and knowledge gained in numerous different shop settings, various manufacturing techniques and issues we came up with a line suitable for everyone, from the home DYI customer to a dealership.


We are locally owned and operated, from the first conversation to the installation.  We are the people you call and we take pride in the relationships we build.

We strive do our very best to put the correct equipment with our customer making the entire process easy from start to finish.